What to Know/What to Do?

Before Leaving for Your Assignment


  1. Licensure Endorsement: Immediately after deciding the location of your assignment, you will need to obtain a license to practice in the state to which you will be traveling. Processing the licensure application will vary from state to state. Some states take up to (8) eight weeks; therefore, it is very important that you apply immediately upon assignment acceptance. Before you begin your assignment, we will need an update on the status of your license. You MUST have a valid license and current certifications (CPR, ACLS, etc.) in order to work. If you have any problems, please call us. We will be glad to help!


  1. Arrange for a forwarding address at the post


  1. Prior to your arrival, you can arrange for a scheduled telephone, cable and/or internet service hook-up with the respective utility company in the area of your new destination. You may also want to arrange to have the utilities transferred to your name at this time (if necessary). Contact your recruiter if you have any


  1. Inform your family of your travel route and expected arrival


  1. Establish a “travel folder” including all receipts (i.e., professional license, CEU’s, magazine invoices, uniforms, travel receipts for gas and airfare, food and lodging). These receipts may be helpful at tax

During Your Journey

  1. When traveling long distances, notify your company of your departure and keep them posted on your


  1. Follow a planned route. We can provide you detailed maps that can aid you in your journey. We can point out locations where you may want to stop and visit.


  1. Keep your gas tank full when anticipating long drives through barren Flares, extra water and anti-freeze are helpful items to take with you.


  1. Drive as much during the day as possible. Take frequent rest stops. IF YOU FEEL TIRED, DO NOT DRIVE!


  1. Plan to arrive at your apartment during business hours, Monday – Friday (Saturday at some locations), 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. If you anticipate a late arrival, please notify TaleMed and call the apartment office a few days in advance so that alternate arrangements can be


  1. For safety purposes, carry a cellular phone with you during your trip. Use of a cell phone will also allow you to remain in contact with TaleMed. Always provide your recruiter with your cell phone number. For safety reasons, please do not use your phone while


After Arriving at Your Assignment

  1. Unpack your vehicle right away. Do NOT keep valuables in your car


  1. Call TaleMed to let us know of your safe arrival and give your recruiter any additional phone numbers so that you can be reached in case of an


  1. Notify the local post office of your new address if you’re having mail forwarded to you.


  1. Prior to your first workday, perform a test drive to the hospital so that you feel comfortable with the route and


  1. Arrange for connection of any services (phone, internet, cable TV) that were not connected prior to your
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TaleMed is pleased to announce our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest!

We put health care professionals on assignment to do the work they love – in places they fall in love with. We want to help all travel health care professionals find your place, by seeing the places you have fallen in love with. Submit photos of the cities, season, views you have fallen in love with.

Four healthcare professionals that have found their place will receive an Echo Dot. Winners will be announced every 13 weeks! Eight honorable mention winners will also be chosen and announced in November 2017.

The twelve winners selected will see their photos in the 2018 Find Your Place Calendar. So set your cameras to high resolution and start snapping those photos. If you have already taken an award winning photo please feel free to submit. Photographs will be accepted from any healthcare professional that would like to participate.