Thorough onboarding is critical to the productivity of your travel nurses—as well as the health of your bottom line. Research has shown that an employee will decide to stay with (or leave) a company within his or her first six months of employment—making adequate onboarding critical to avoid the cost of employee turnover. Give your travel nurses the resources they need to make a smooth transition to their new jobs—not just to prevent the premature termination of an assignment, but also to allow the nurse to do their job to the best of their ability. Your onboarding efforts will help you maintain a high quality of patient care and customer satisfaction.


To help ensure the successful transition of your travel nurses, consider the following:

  1. Provide all necessary information on day one. All the information your new travel nurse will need should be available on his or her first day on assignment. This might include an employee handbook, policy and procedure guide, dress code, name badge, parking badge/code, tax documents, instructions on how to use the EMR system, etc.
  2. Meet with the nurse to establish expectations. Provide the nurse with a performance plan up front so he or she will know what you expect. This will make it much easier for your new nurse to meet or even exceed your expectations.
  3. Introduce the new nurse to his or her coworkers. Travel nurses are usually outgoing, but you should still walk a new nurse around and make introductions. This can help break the ice and help him or her to feel more comfortable around new colleagues.
  4. Assign an on-the-job mentor. As part of onboarding, your travel nurse should shadow a coworker for a day or so to learn the new position. Then, introduce your new nurse to a mentor to consult for questions or concerns. You should also provide him or her with your contact information, just in case.
  5. Conduct regular performance reviews. Touch base with your new travel nurses weekly during their first month, and on a regular basis after that. You’ll be able to review performance, answer questions, address concerns and offer constructive criticism if needed.


A staffing agency familiar with the healthcare field can work with you to provide thorough, effective onboarding. TaleMed is an industry leader, and our placements stick: last year, 99 percent of healthcare professionals who started with us completed their assignments. We serve over 10,000 hospitals in all 50 states and have access to more than 100,000 active health candidates in our database—so we can provide you with the qualified travel nurses that match with your hospital’s unique needs.

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