All You Need to Know About Housing

Housing TaleMed can help assist you with your housing while on assignment. In cases where TaleMed assists with housing, we strive to offer the most comfortable and attractive housing possible. The following are helpful tips regarding housing. If you have additional questions, contact the TaleMed housing coordinator or your recruiter.   When can I move … Continue reading All You Need to Know About Housing

Why Should I Partner With a Travel Nursing Staffing Provider?

If you’re in need of nurses at your hospital, a travel healthcare staffing agency can help. Staffing with travel nurses offers you flexibility, savings and convenience—and makes it much easier to staff up than searching on your own for new nurses. If you’re wondering why to work with travel RN recruiters, check out these five … Continue reading Why Should I Partner With a Travel Nursing Staffing Provider?

What to Know/What to Do?

Before Leaving for Your Assignment   Licensure Endorsement: Immediately after deciding the location of your assignment, you will need to obtain a license to practice in the state to which you will be traveling. Processing the licensure application will vary from state to state. Some states take up to (8) eight weeks; therefore, it is … Continue reading What to Know/What to Do?

The Joint Commission

TaleMed has been Certified by The Joint Commission Since 2007  The Joint Commission awards their Gold Seal of Approval to TaleMed for its expertise in the nursing industry. This certification recognizes TaleMed’s commitment to providing qualified and competent healthcare professionals in the staffing nursing arena. We appreciate the Joint Commission in recognizing TaleMed’s dedication to … Continue reading The Joint Commission

Nervous About Traveling Somewhere New?

Are you nervous to begin a career as a travel nurse? That’s OK—many new travelers get the jitters. It’s perfectly natural to be unsure of the unknown! But if you’re wondering why you should become a travel nurse, it’s safe to say you will experience many advantages, and a chunk of them are related to … Continue reading Nervous About Traveling Somewhere New?

Why Should I Pursue the BSN?

The Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) is becoming more prevalent in the nursing community. More and more hospitals are requiring their RNs to have a BSN. The Good News According to statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurse jobs are expected to increase by 439,000 by 2024. … Continue reading Why Should I Pursue the BSN?

Find the Right Travel Nurse Recruiter for You

Have you recently decided to try travel nursing? Are you a seasoned travel nurse? If you’ve answered yes to either question, you know the quality of your assignments lies in the hands of your travel nurse recruiter. If you’re wondering how to find a recruiter on whom you can rely, check out these tips from … Continue reading Find the Right Travel Nurse Recruiter for You

Traveler of the Month: Brittany Klocko

TaleMed is pleased to announce our July traveler of the Month! “Brittany has truly been a pleasure to work with! The ambition she has for exploring new locations/experiences really demonstrates how adventurous of a person she is. From her love to ice cream, to Broadway shows, to line dancing, there is never a dull moment … Continue reading Traveler of the Month: Brittany Klocko

The Reality of Floating

As travel nurses, it is likely you will be the first RNs in a unit asked to float.  It is imperative we understand this is part of the travel nurse industry. Let’s discuss how to best handle a floating situation. Travelers MUST Be Able To Float This industry is complex and constantly changing and the … Continue reading The Reality of Floating

Travel Destinations: Indianapolis

Looking for your next travel nurse assignment? As the capitol and largest city in Indiana, “Indy” is a popular place to visit, known for its sports and Midwestern charm. In fact, the city was actually designed to accommodate visitors! Indy is full of attractive buildings, greenspace, monuments and art, with easy access by skyway to … Continue reading Travel Destinations: Indianapolis

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TaleMed is pleased to announce our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest!

We put health care professionals on assignment to do the work they love – in places they fall in love with. We want to help all travel health care professionals find your place, by seeing the places you have fallen in love with. Submit photos of the cities, season, views you have fallen in love with.

Four healthcare professionals that have found their place will receive an Echo Dot. Winners will be announced every 13 weeks! Eight honorable mention winners will also be chosen and announced in November 2017.

The twelve winners selected will see their photos in the 2018 Find Your Place Calendar. So set your cameras to high resolution and start snapping those photos. If you have already taken an award winning photo please feel free to submit. Photographs will be accepted from any healthcare professional that would like to participate.