The Positive Impact of Travel Nurses

Are you looking to staff up at your hospital? Savannah travel nurses offer your facility a few key benefits that can be a big advantage. If you’re ever wondered why you should hire travel RNs or how travel nurses help, just consider these top five reasons, as presented by healthcare staffing expert TaleMed. You’ll notice … Continue reading The Positive Impact of Travel Nurses

The Art of the Interview

The Interview: It makes or breaks you, right? You are in a new place, with people you have never met, explaining why YOU are above and beyond all the rest. So what do you do? The Must Do’s First impressions are everything – Most experts agree that an individual has 7 seconds to make a first … Continue reading The Art of the Interview

Podcasts for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse on the go, you may not have enough free time to tune in to anything extra. But that’s the beauty of Podcasts! You simply download an episode and listen on your iPod or mobile device from anywhere. You might find yourself in situations where you’re all ears—for example on the subway, … Continue reading Podcasts for Travel Nurses

Boosting Your Independence

If you’re an adventurous sort or just looking for something new, check out travel nursing! Moving to new assignments every 13 weeks or so demands independence. And this is a great way to spread your wings and increase your self-confidence—with new experiences, people and cities, you will be amazed how self-sufficient you are on your … Continue reading Boosting Your Independence

How Important is the Roll of an RN?

  It’s probably fair to say that a hospital would cease to function without the presence of RN’s. Nurses are the backbone of any health facility. But in every facility, there are those nurses that go above and beyond in every aspect of the phrase. These women and men give their all to the patients … Continue reading How Important is the Roll of an RN?

TaleMed: The Silicon Valley of Travel Nursing

What can TaleMed do for You? Everyone has heard of Silicon Valley right? Facebook, Apple, Google. Just the basics, nothing big there. Oh except us… TaleMed is the Silicon Valley of the travel nurse industry. Granted our home office is in Cincinnati, Ohio but that’s beside the point. With the network capacity to take you anywhere … Continue reading TaleMed: The Silicon Valley of Travel Nursing

Travel Destinations: Seattle

If you’ve ever considered travel nursing in Seattle, now’s your chance! The Pacific Northwest offers the best of the best in scenic mountains, forests, Oceanside views, culture, food, drink, sports, recreation and so much more. A Seattle travel RN placement may be just what you’re looking for to shake things up for 13 weeks. As … Continue reading Travel Destinations: Seattle

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TaleMed is pleased to announce our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest!

We put health care professionals on assignment to do the work they love – in places they fall in love with. We want to help all travel health care professionals find your place, by seeing the places you have fallen in love with. Submit photos of the cities, season, views you have fallen in love with.

Four healthcare professionals that have found their place will receive an Echo Dot. Winners will be announced every 13 weeks! Eight honorable mention winners will also be chosen and announced in November 2017.

The twelve winners selected will see their photos in the 2018 Find Your Place Calendar. So set your cameras to high resolution and start snapping those photos. If you have already taken an award winning photo please feel free to submit. Photographs will be accepted from any healthcare professional that would like to participate.