Bettering Patient Care: EHRs

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are sweeping the healthcare industry! They’re quickly replacing paper charts as a more efficient way to track patient care and aid in medical team collaboration. Though EHRS require a learning curve for all members of a healthcare team, their benefits far outweigh the time it takes to master them. To stay … Continue reading Bettering Patient Care: EHRs

CEU: Continue Your Education with TaleMed

As a licensed travel nurse, you’re required to earn CEUs every 1-2 years to maintain your licensure. You hold the lives of patients in your hands, and it’s important to keep your skills sharp to maintain high-quality care. Based on the state you’re working in, you will need to earn a certain number of travel … Continue reading CEU: Continue Your Education with TaleMed

Travel Nursing With a Family

As a travel nurse, you have a unique job opportunity. You can bring your spouse, children and even pets with you as you travel to Fall River, MA for your next nursing placement—or anywhere else your opportunities take you! You don’t need to sacrifice your family life for a travel RN lifestyle. With just a … Continue reading Travel Nursing With a Family

Travel Destinations: Miami

So, you picked up a travel assignment in Miami and you’re wondering what there is to do when you’re not hard at work. Your travel coordinator will give you an overview of what the area is like, but it’s still fun to dig in on your own to see what’s out there. Start With a … Continue reading Travel Destinations: Miami

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TaleMed is pleased to announce our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest!

We put health care professionals on assignment to do the work they love – in places they fall in love with. We want to help all travel health care professionals find your place, by seeing the places you have fallen in love with. Submit photos of the cities, season, views you have fallen in love with.

Four healthcare professionals that have found their place will receive an Echo Dot. Winners will be announced every 13 weeks! Eight honorable mention winners will also be chosen and announced in November 2017.

The twelve winners selected will see their photos in the 2018 Find Your Place Calendar. So set your cameras to high resolution and start snapping those photos. If you have already taken an award winning photo please feel free to submit. Photographs will be accepted from any healthcare professional that would like to participate.