All the Things We Carry

A nurse looks at what nursing means. Some of the things we see are heartbreaking, and some is beautiful. Much of it affects us, and some of it we carry forever. I’ve carried a lot with me over thirteen years of nursing. Here’s a glimpse… Every so often, a thread pops up around here: “What’s … Continue reading All the Things We Carry

Travel Nurse Interview Tips

We’ve discussed the travel nurse interview here Travel Nurse Interview Prep, and here Preparing for the Interview. The interview process can be daunting at times, regardless if you have never done a phone interview or if you’ve done hundreds of them. Check out this great infographic of Interview Tips for Travel Nurses.

Nurse Licensure Applications & Fees by State

NurseTogether has compiled the following list of the BON licensure requirements along with the links to nurse license applications, forms & fees. Below is the list of nursing board by state in the United States. Click on the links for the latest information and/or forms directly from the BON website. Last Updated February 12, 2014   … Continue reading Nurse Licensure Applications & Fees by State

RN Travel Guide

The Healthcare Professional Travel Guide

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TaleMed is pleased to announce our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest!

We put health care professionals on assignment to do the work they love – in places they fall in love with. We want to help all travel health care professionals find your place, by seeing the places you have fallen in love with. Submit photos of the cities, season, views you have fallen in love with.

Four healthcare professionals that have found their place will receive an Echo Dot. Winners will be announced every 13 weeks! Eight honorable mention winners will also be chosen and announced in November 2017.

The twelve winners selected will see their photos in the 2018 Find Your Place Calendar. So set your cameras to high resolution and start snapping those photos. If you have already taken an award winning photo please feel free to submit. Photographs will be accepted from any healthcare professional that would like to participate.